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Welcome to our website dedicated to smart phones and the apps that make us love them!


Who are we?

Okay, we won’t lie. We are a group of dedicated game players. We want to say gamers, however that connotation is more for online play and online multi-play (think World of Warcraft. Nay… we harken back to the days of simple and repetitive game play. We harken back to the days of our beloved Atari 2600s. We harken back to simple coin-op games. Simple and addicting gameplay is the name of the game

And we love them.

Games Are Back!

And With Them, A Whole New Age Of Smart Phone Apps

They are back with a vengeance with the invention of the iPhone and the evolution of smart phones since then! We can play simplistic mindless games on our phones now while waiting in a clothing store for our significant others to finish shopping.

We aren’t kidding.

That’s how this merry band formed. Two of us initially met in a Coach store. We got to sharing our favorite games. Then our favorite apps.




Mindless fun.

You name it, we shared it.

And then it become a movement!

And here we are!

Why are we?

We are so happy to be back! Besides our website being back, we are happy that GAMES are back! And with it the evolution of smart phone apps. Whether for work, productivity, or mindless fun, apps and smartphones ROCK!

We will be the number one resource for you for all things smart phone related from letting you know about the latest smart phone news to letting you know the best apps out there.

There are SO MANY GOOD ONES that are never even heard of! From the most popular to the most obscure, there are always good apps to be found and given exposure

Join us on this mission!

The best smart phone and best collection of smart phone apps for you!

Thanks for visiting!

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